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tv   Prime News  HLN  September 5, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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new today, a look inside the home of accused child killer casey anthony. during the time she was out on bond our staff combing through hours of new audio, video recordings in the case. just a sample of gripping testimony from the bounty hunter who helped bail casey out of jail. this hour leonard padilla joins us for an exclusive interview there's controversy out there as president obama plans to give a televised speech to our nation's kids. the message? study hard. stay in school. some parents are outraged and have questions about his motives. may even pull their kids out. what do you think? some say it's part of a
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political agenda. want your thoughts on this one. here's the phone number to call. 1-877-tell hln or e-mail us or text us. it's your chance to be heard. >> controversy, opinion, your point of view. this is "prime news." welcome. this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. a real eye opener today. the state of florida has released more than three hours of audio/video recordings and they are telling. casey anthony allegedly talks about chloroform, the date drug ghb, and possibly earning money for her defense by appearing on "the howard stern show." all this at the time little caylee is missing. of course, we know little caylee is dead. joining us to talk about this, florida state prosecutor pam biondi and also with us bounty hunter leonard padilla. also joining us, the producer
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from "the nancy grace" show. all right. let's start with this. let's get the legal stuff out of the way so we can get to some of the recordings that are absolutely fascinating. judge strickland ruling, the fraud trial goes before the murder trial? that what happened here? netisha? okay. they say she can't hear us. >> i just hear you now, mike. what was the question? >> about the fraud trial coming before the murder trial. a lot of us thought it's got to go the other way around. >> that's right. the judge recently ruled that the fraud case is going to go before the murder trial. we don't know exactly what it's going to be but this is pretty significant meaning that casey anthony could potentially go into her murder trial with felony convictions already on the table. >> okay. pam, help us understand this. because we had experts, legal experts come on and say, murder trial's got to go before the fraud trial here. >> no. i've never believed that was going to happen and i totally agree with the prosecutors.
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here's why. when she testifies, if she testifies, the prosecutors will now be allowed to ask her, have you been convicted of a felony? she'll have to say yes. how many times? she'll have to answer. then they can also say, was that a crime of dishonesty? she will have to say yes. so that's greatly going to damage her credibility if she has any when she testifies. >> okay. got that out of the way. now to some of this -- the audio recordings we're hearing. we're hearing from leonard padilla from one of your staff members, right, tracy mclaughlin? >> that's correct. >> tell me about her access to casey. how much time did she spend with her? >> she spent i believe exactly nine days from the time she was bonded out until the time she went back into custody. to clear something up, tracy doesn't work for me. she has worked with me for many years. her ex-husband was an associate of mine and we've known each
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foreabo other for about 25 years. >> did she have the most access to casey of anybody working with you on the case? >> that's correct. she had the most. next in line would have been rob. >> all right. let's listen to some of it. this is tracy mclaughlin talking to investigators as casey saw herself on the tv news, listen to this reaction and listen to what tracy says about casey. >> she's talking about herself and the news. she just talks about stupid things. she didn't talk about caylee at all. she didn't talk about the case. but the night after, i mean, it was just -- >> what was she saying about herself? >> i think i should sign portraits or sign pictures and get money for the defense or maybe we could take it on the radio, go to the howard stern show but he'd want to know my bra size and he'd want to know if jose was hitting it. >> unbelievable.
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not one word about caylee and the crude talk about on howard stern hitting it means whether or not jose baez is having sex with her. that's just unbelievable. pam, what can -- obviously you hear that casey anthony is self-centered and doesn't mention caylee is not new but can this be used in a court of law? >> yeah. and it's showing her state of mind, her demeanor while her daughter was missing, what she was concerned about. and i think those pictures we all thought were the most damaging evidence against her but now you have this new evidence and, really, it shows that she wasn't a grieving mother and especially if she does take the witness stand, this can all be used against her in impeachment. i think the howard stern issue is completely damaging. i don't think there is any way the comments about jose baez would ever come into evidence. i think a judge would keep that out. that's way too prejudicial for
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the defense. >> but it speaks to that self-centeredness. >> yes. >> i mean, it paints the picture that she's loving the lime light and wants to be on howard stern. >> yes. >> he's going to talk about her bra size. sickening. >> and autographing photographs, not even mentioning her little beautiful baby daughter. >> just appalling. >> consciousness of guilt. >> okay. in your time and people you work with, you spent with casey, did she ever even mention caylee? finding her? leonard, we have to find her. >> definitely not in my presence. never asked, well, when are we going to go look? when are we going to search? in talking to rob and toby and kevin, some of the other people that were there, nobody ever mentioned she mentioned her daughter. >> wow. >> to my knowledge, no. >> okay. guys, we'll take a quick break and have more stunning comments from tracy mclaughlin, again, she spent time with casey after little caylee went missing. we'll take your calls. ú
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we're back on "prime news." more evidence, hearing audio recordings of someone who spent time with casey anthony after little caylee went missing. we're taking your calls, 1-877-tell hln. let's go to the phone. >> caller: mike, i tell you, i have followed this case since day one and i think it gets more disturbing as more evidence comes out because she is so narcissistic. everything is about herself. nothing about her child. i absolutely could not fathom one of my children, even my grown children, one of them doing this. much less i have a special needs
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adopted child. i would be crazy. it's always her, her, her. >> it always has been. thanks for the phone call. we've talked about that. let's dig into more of these recordings, what we're hearing from tracy mclaughlin, worked with leonard padilla, who bonded casey anthony out of jail and spent time with the family so was inside access here. and i'm going back to netisha lance, producer from "the nancy grace show." explain the significance about casey and tracy watching an episode of one tree hill, watching the show. what do we get out of that? >> it's actually the hill. it's on mtv, a reality show. young people are on there. tracy mentioned that there were people on there and there were parties. she mentioned to casey have you ever heard of ghb which is the date rape drug? casey said oh, like rufies and tracy responded and said like ether and casey anthony says like chloroform. this is prior to hearing
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anything about chloroform. long before that casey anthony mentions chloroform to trace mik laughlin. >> pam, we've got google searches for chloroform on the house computer and searches for net breaking and this is before little caylee goes missing. >> there were also traces of p chloroform found in the trunk of the car. this is just consistent statements about chloroform and the internet searches on chloroform and neck breaking were just horrible. that's very damaging for the defense as well. >> let me get back to netisha. name the show again. there was a significant episode wasn't there where we're talking about "the hills" again and in the episode that casey was searching google and a nanny took a child is that correct? >> that is "one tree hill." there was an episode with a nanny on there, similar circumstances to the casey anthony case.
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it's the 100th episode, and casey anthony or someone had apparently searched for that episode on that home computer. >> sorry. i got my tv shows mixed up there. the bottom line, pam, when these kind of searches, these kind of shows, does that say premeditation to you? >> absolutely, mike. and that's where the prosecutors are going to be methodical, consistent. they're going to present this all to the jury in chronological order and lay out exactly what she did when she did it, why this was no accident, and it was planned well in advance. yes. >> okay. pam, netisha, leonard, good to have you aboard. thanks again. coming up, high school football coach on trial for homicide. one of his players dies after an intense practice. emotional testimony today from max gilfin's grieving mom. we'll take your calls. we have our cnn hero this week. a pilot who started an orphanage in indonesia.
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tough economic times people are less likely to splurge on vacation getaways so many in the travel industry have to make changes. here's gerri willis from our sister network cnn with this week's "money and main stream." >> at the heart of litchfield county, connecticut, are its bed and breakfasts like the one dean and marie johnson bought in the town of norfolk five years ago. at the time it seemed like a cash cow but last year along with the economy bookings dropped off, even steeper than the national average of 7%. >> we were down about 20%
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overall in terms of bookings. that was really a reflection of the economy. people holding back on discretionary spending. this year it started out fairly weak. the bad weather, the wet spring, you know, wet season didn't help. >> reporter: but help was on the way. this is the first summer of the infinity music hall and bistro a newly refurbished public music hall in town making norfolk an overnight destination. >> i think it's becoming a destination for people. i know the inns are filling up. i know the restaurant is busy. the restaurant next door is busy. so i'm sure we're making an impact. >> reporter: it's an impact the johnsons are starting to feel but not enough to sit back and relax. dean and jean marie are taking all possible steps to bring overnight visitors in the door. >> we can call this our budget room but actually a lot of people like it. it's small, intimate, and a lot less expensive than some of the other rooms. >> reporter: what's the price differential? >> the price here is about maybe a hundred dollars less than some of the more expensive rooms down
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the hall. >> reporter: these days budget means bookable. the johnsons see more guests in this room than any other. and they're willing to negotiate. >> reporter: giv >> given the people that people are stressed we're much more flexible. if someone says we can only stay one night we almost always accommodate them for one night stay. >> reporter: one night stays are on the rise in part thanks to infinity. 200 scheduled shows, sold out performances, and big name bands have meant needed bookings for mountain view inn. >> i think it's probably added 20% more than we would have had previously. >> reporter: and for the rest of the summer season -- >> we're pretty much sold out every weekend. >> reporter: gerri willis, cnn, norfolk, connecticut. new this week in the trial of the former high school football coach accused in the death of a player, emotional testimony from the mother of the 15-year-old whose life was cut tragically short after a day of intense heat on the field.
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just two weeks into his sophomore year he collapsed. three days later he died. his mom, michelle, was the prosecution's first witness and you could tell it was hard for her. her voice cracked. she wiped away tears as she talked about her son. listen as she relives the tragic day. >> people were asking him to open his eyes and his eyes were about half open. things just seemed to get worse and worse. later that evening when they said there was nothing more they could do, they tried everything, this was saturday night. so, you know, they told us he was going to die. >> difficult to hear that. coach david jason spinson has pleaded not guilty to charges of reckless homicide and wanton
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endangerment. if convicted he faces up to ten years behind bars. we'll continue to follow the story. we also like to hear from you via phones and also join the conversation on facebook. go to facebook and check out the prime news page on facebook there. we'll take you behind the scenes with me, richelle, the rest of the "prime news" team. some exclusive photos. check things out and we'll let you know about some of the stories we're covering and the angles we're taking. there is the pensive mike galanos just waiting there for you. prime news facebook page there. go check it out. i would say convenience is something that the bank of america really has the market cornered on. let me make it easier for you. let me show you how i can make it easier for you.
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welcome back to "prime news" on hln. there is some outrage over the president's upcoming speech to students. the basic message is to tell kids to study hard, stay in school. but there are some parents out there who think that's not all, that he has more up his sleeve and some sort of hidden agenda. what do you think? call in. the number 1-877-tell hln. we're getting more insight into the bitter sweet family reunion for jaycee dugard, the woman kidnapped at the age of 11 and held captive in a back yard compound for 18 years. one great thing we can report today jaycee has not forgotten her family. here's a clip from her aunt tina dugard which aired on "the early show" on cbs.
6:31 pm
>> the reason i'm willing to do this is because i want you to know that a lot of great things are happening right now and that they're happy. the girls are with their mom. i've heard her call my sister mom. where's mom? >> that's so good to hear. joining me to talk about this, a psycho therapist and also still with us, a criminal defense attorney, former prosecutor. we'll get into it with julia about the criminal history of phillip garrido. we're finding out about more incidents. first let's start with jaycee. stacy, how good is that? it sounds great to me that she would -- she's calling for her mom and it doesn't sound like there's a detachment, that there is already a connection. >> i think you're absolutely right. the good news is that she was 11 years old so she already had time to develop and spend time with her mom. they already built a connection. that's just something they have to rebond and connect again. >> okay. let's listen to a sound clip here, aunt tina dugard talking about what she's viewing in the relationship with jaycee and jaycee's two young daughters.
6:32 pm
>> all three of them are very tight, very much together. there's a lot of sitting next to that person and holding each other's hand and you can tell that the youngest daughter, she just sits next to her sister and throws her feet up on her lap. >> let's talk about that for a moment, stacy, the relationship between jaycee and her two daughters. how does that change now that they're finding out they're part of a family? that jaycee has a mom and that jaycee is their mom and all those factors? >> it's a really strange scenario because as you can imagine children learn what they live and these kids did not know the conditions they were in. and so now they've come out into this world with more people. there's television and all kinds of fabulous things kids can enjoy and so it's going to be an adjustment period for these kids. they won't know who to trust and my guess is they'll really lean on their mom. >> that picture, all sitting on the couch together holding
6:33 pm
hands, that makes so much sense here. all right. let's shift gears a little bit and bring in julia. we talked about phillip garrido's past. all right, julia, let's go back to '72. we're hearing now of a 14-year-old girl he drugged and repeatedly raped in a motel room. we know about the accusation on the 1976 case. he was convicted of kidnapping and raping a woman, katy hall. now we're finding out that there was, if we look back into some of the other files on this guy, an hour before he kidnapped and raped katy hall he tried to abduct another woman. >> that's right. >> when you see this, i want to read your quote to get your take on it. this is from the u.s. attorney mcgregor scott, basically saying if you look at the reports of the psychiatrists and others involved it's incomprehensible that any objective body would ever allow this guy back into society. it's an absolute dereliction of duty. julia, what happened here? >> well, that's a great question, mike. let me just say, at the actual
6:34 pm
trial, the rape trial, i think it was not the kidnapping, actually he pled to the rape. he admitted that he had irresistible compulsion to do things of a sexual nature. he sat outside of grammar schools and high schools and masturbated watching little girls. he had no shame or remorse over what he did to katy and he didn't understand what was wrong with it. this man's clearly a psycho path, a sociopath. they put him in jail. 11 years later he's paroled out of the federal penitentiary, put into nevada state, and then gets out seven months later. back then, mike, there wasn't the level of awareness about the recidivism rate for sexual offenders that there is now. it was the late '80s. it just was a different time. and if he's behaving in prison, he's found god, he's a born-again christian, he hasn't done anything wrong, there's bigger fish to fry. guess what? they cut him loose. unfortunately, four of the five people on that parole board who
6:35 pm
decided to cut him loose are dead. >> and the other i believe is in a nursing home so we can't ask the mindset. >> exactly. >> are we smarter now? are we safer now in 2009? >> absolutely. we know a lot more than we did then. and as everyone is saying, mike, if this guy was up for parole now, based on all of the same background he's got, they would have laughed in his face and sent him back to his cell. that would have been the result. but, unfortunately, it was a different time back then. >> yeah. >> that's what happened. >> okay. we have to leave it there. julia, stacy, thanks so much. >> thanks, mike. coming up, real house wives of atlanta. the reality show. quite an eye opener but is it feeding the stereotypes of s african-americans? we'll i talk about that in our we'll i talk about that in our weekly "what matters" feature. (announcer) only rogaine® foam is shown to regrow hair in 85% of guys. i'll check it out and i'm like, nice. (announcer) rogaine® foam stop losing. start gaining.
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all those real house wives in atlanta have really thrown black women into the reality tv spotlight. the network has this show with an up close and personal look with five women from atlanta's social elite. does the voyeuristic view did more harm than good in dispelg negative stereotypes of african-american women? joining me now, alena andrews, national tv and radio host and pop culture blogger of egypt says
6:39 pm
ladies, thank you so much for your time. helena, you have written about this and one thing you specifically referenced, one of the more infamous scenes from this season, we have the clip and then i want to talk about it. let's play the clip first. >> what do y'all -- [ bleep ]. >> wait a minute. >> no you don't. get your hands off of me [ bleep ]. >> okay. helena, care to elap ra-- elaborate? what struck a cord with you? >> the problem i had is these women are supposed to be representative of this quote-unquote social elite in atlanta. these are grown women, right, in their 30s and 40s, married with children. and they have this fight that's evolved into a street brawl. you see there's more bleeps in the fight than actual words.
6:40 pm
it seems extremely immature for women who are supposed to be representing this elite class of black women. >> okay. now, to be fair, that is one clip of a season that is about a lot more than that and it's a reality show. they've picked the most dramatic stuff and they probably tell you that adds up a little bit. i know you're a fan of the show and say you watch it religiously. what's your perspective? >> you know, that's the whole thing of reality shows and why people love them so much. they show the good, the bad, and the ugly. i don't necessarily think real house wives of atlanta is a negative portrayal of black women but a depiction of who these women are as individuals. by the way, they happen to be black. but at the same time, not all of them are. >> all right. >> she's a white woman. lisa is half asian. >> but do you think there is anything harmful in the images you see?
6:41 pm
>> in that particular scene and because i do watch the show and i remember that scene particularly, it was disturbing but, you know, i felt kim was being bullied. it was unfortunate. we caught these women at their worst. again, that's what reality shows are all about. >> we did reach out to bravo to try to get a statement from the producers from all of the house wives. we weren't able to get anything in time. but we do have some statements we found on that the women have responded to in the past, from lisa and sharay in particular. lisa said i can't really worry about what the masses are thinking of me because either you like me or you don't. there are a lot of hateful people out there and being on a show like this you might have to become the sacrificial lamb. sharay said i think people need to see african-american women have it going on, too. they're career-driven, good moms, and we do live like this. do you see any positive images
6:42 pm
in the show at all? >> i think there are some positive images but i think it's funny that sheree, the woman who was screaming the most, who tried to quote-unquote shift kim's wig is the one talking about black women are fabulous and we're moms and this and that. that's great and a great part of the show. it was a great part of the last season. i think last season presented these women in a way where they were actually being house wives. this season is all about, you know, the "jerry springer" ring master brawl they're so interested in as opposed to these women actually, you know, working at their jobs, raising their children. it's a lot more that we saw last season, supposedly the reason deshawn snow is no longer on the show, because she wasn't dramatic enough. she wasn't into high drama. >> funny you should say that because we did have a comment on our facebook page where someone said they thought that was the reason that deshawn wasn't back on the show because she wasn't dramatic enough. we did reach out to bravo to try
6:43 pm
to get feedback on this segment and didn't get it so we don't know that's the case. we don't want to put words in their mouth. but thank you so much for your feedback. we appreciate it. >> thank you. for more of what matters check out the september issue of essence magazine or log on to matters. >> thanks, richelle. coming up there are some people upset over the president's upcoming speech to students. the bottom line message is, tell kids to study hard, stay in school. there are some parents who think there's more to it than that. possibly some hidden agenda. what do you think? we'll take your calls at 1-877-tell-hln a new customer wanted to insure his home so we did a nationwide on your side review. turns out it was more valuable than he thought.
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there's an uproar across the nation as president obama
6:46 pm
prepares to give a speech for kids on tuesday. the white house says it's about studying hard, staying in school, making the most of their education. there are some parents that are livid to the point where they want to pull their kids out of school fort entire day of the protest. here's john roberts from our sister network cnn. >> my rights as a parent are being circumvented. >> reporter: from talk radio to political circles there is a lot of anger over the president's upcoming speech. the department of education says the goal is to challenge students to work hard, set educational goals, and take responsibility for their learning. but along with that came some suggestions for teachers, lesson plans asking students to, quote, write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president. that's where the trouble started. and the head of florida's republican party didn't hold back. >> the parents across this country and the uproar that occurred, the department of education withdrew all of that language last night. >> reporter: ed greer didn't stop there. in a letter he charges the president was going to use the speech to sell his policies,
6:47 pm
saying, quote, president obama has turned to america's children to spread his liberal lies, indoctrinating america's youngest children before they have a chance to decide for themselves. the response from the left? it's not about the lesson plans or the speech but politics. >> was there a little bit of a problem there with the additional materials that were provided to go along with the president's speech? >> no, it's not a problem. what you have is some insane parents who want to bring their ideology into the table. why is it -- i mean, i didn't see people sitting here when president george w. bush went to go read to students, oh, i want to see what book he's reading. i want to pull my kid out of the class because i am a democrat, he's a republican. this is absolute nonsense. >> the department of education has changed those lesson plans now, instead suggesting students write letters to themselves about how they can achieve their short-term and long-term education goals. some school districts in texas, illinois, minnesota, missouri, virginia, and wisconsin have
6:48 pm
decided not to show the speech and other schools will let parents keep their kids out of the classroom during the speech if they want. many parents are even considering keeping their kids home from school all together on tuesday. >> may have voted for mccain and bush in the past. i wouldn't want them speaking to my student or your student or anybody else's student. they're a child. politics is totally up to the family. >> will i send my child? i don't know. right now i would say no. i'll keep him home. >> what do you think about president obama's upcoming speech and the uproar? i'll be taking your calls. unthe number 1-877-tell hln. e-mail us or text us at hln tv. first i want to bring in bill. his son is a kindergartener in texas. take us through your emotions. at first you weren't too happy about this, right? >> caller: no, i learned about this on tuesday. what upset me mostly was the curriculum guide they sent out to the teachers and what it
6:49 pm
addressed during and after the speech. >> you were okay with the speech, more concerned about the curriculum and questions for students afterward, correct? >> caller: well, to be honest i'm a little -- normally i would probably have been okay with the speech if there hadn't been the lead up and all the things going on in the country with the agenda being pushed through. if this had been a clean slate with the president i probably wouldn't have had a problem with the speech or address. >> okay. let's hit on the speech part of it. are you okay -- i mean, our president, republican or democrat, isn't it okay if they speak to our kids about studying hard because our presidents are great examples of what a good education can do for you? >> if that truly is the agenda and there's no -- that lesson plan when it came out, i probably would have been okay with it 100%. but the lesson plan is what threw me. >> let's get that out and hit some phone calls. were there specifics in this curriculum, lesson plan, or what specifically concerned you? >> caller: well, there were specifics and generalities. general lly speaking the whole
6:50 pm
thing was about the president. who is the president? why is the president -- basically all about the president. there was nothing in the curriculum about how can you the student do something? it was all about why is it important to follow the president? how can you help the president? so president? so generally it was more about the president then about the student achieving their goals. and specifically there were questions about exactly how can you help the president? >> i know some of that's been changed and the basic gist of it now is write a letter to yourself -- now how you can help the president, but write a letter to yourself how you can achieve your long and short-term goals, is that how you understand it? >> yeah, it is. i'm okay with that. >> and your thoughts from carol in illinois? >> caller: i'm just embarrassed by america for even considering not showing the president talking to the people. it just doesn't even seem real. >> you know, i agree with you in the sense if the president is going to speak to our kids about the importance of education, regardless of republican or
6:51 pm
democrat, i don't have any problem with it. if there's curriculum that not really down the middle. then i think we have to address that. thanks, carol. let's get another call in. patricia in virginia. real quick goshgs ahead. >> caller: yes, i'm here and i am really sorry the president is going to speak to children because he will inspire them to stay in school and education. >> okay. what do you think? call in 1-877-tell-hln. pnip]p]
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